Where are you going with your quit?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 4, 2019

Food for thought....

Maybe you need to mix it something different.

Change the process. Lean on /ask for help....What ever you decide.... be careful you are not setting yourself up to fail.

There was no plan that would  work 100% for me unless I put 100% into it. This applies to pretty much anything I do anymore. This is me. The more effort I apply to the things I want to accomplish, the better the outcome.  Half hearted attempts never pan out for me.


The things I wanted the most I worked hard for and I did endure tribulations as I worked for them. The things that came easy for me required little effort on my part.


Quitting smoking was one of THE hardest things I worked hard for .


Smoking may have given me a few moments of 'instant gratification', but it left me feeling pitiful. 


I choose to feel powerful over pitiful any day. You can to.


It all comes down to this.

One choice

So what will it be?

Thats it in a Nutshell