Take What You Need

Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 26, 2020



It's one of those days . You know , one of those when life seems upside down , when you think you can do nothing right , or everything is going wrong . You live in self pity and put yourself in your own little bubble to protect yourself from more pain and hurt .

You think the only thing to do is smoke ; you think your only friend is the cigarette ; you think the only way through is to smoke or die . 

How absolutely ridiculous is this statement . A cigarette can change your life ? Make things better ? Get you through what ?

When you look back , did smoking ever help you through ? What changed that got you through ? Forgiveness , acceptance , hope , love , patience , a friend , rest , healing , strength , tenderness , laughter ?

I can gaurentee you it wasn't a cigarette ..

                                             It will never be a cigarette .