My Dearest

Blog Post created by Maki on Mar 4, 2020

My Dearest Cigarette 


Thankyou for being my friend . 


You supported my asthma . Gave me things like arteriosclerosis , copd , heart disease  , things I maybe never would have ever had , without you . Thanks a heap . Thank you for being my friend . Not ! 


You supported me while I was away from family gatherings . I was outside with you instead .. I could hear everyone inside having fun , playing cards , laughing . I longed to be there with them too but you needed me so I spent time with you instead .  You stole from me . Thief ! 


Thank you my friend.  You took my mom and my dad and I grew up so fast because I had to . I hate you . They were so young . Murderer! 


Thank you too for teaching me about budget and how to save enough to make ends meet . I learned to take you free from others  just to save a little extra for food .... and I learned to save my nickels and dimes for you .  You were priority.  You broke me more than once !

You starved me .... now I'm starving you !  


Thank you .

I learned in order to keep you alive I could sell the shirt off my back for you and that all we had to do was live day to day together to make it through . You Liar !  I'm paying the price ! 


Dear cigarette , You are a liar , a thief , a fake, a murderer , a manipulator , deciever and a few other choice words I won't mention here .. you aren't worth it !