5 years

Blog Post created by Lisa1030 on Aug 15, 2019

Greetings to Everyone at all stages on this path of our journey.


July 4th, was my 5th year of being a non smoker.

I find it amazing thst it's been just 5 years. It seems longer, yet it isn't. 

Yes, I have had times that I truly wanted to smoke. I just had made a promise to myself, that IF I wanted a cigarette,  I would have to.walk to nearest store (a mile one way) purchase a pack, take out one cigarette, throw the rest of the pack away, walk the mile back home. IF I still wanted the cigarette after all that,  then I would smoke it.

Let me be honest...I am to.lazy to walk 2 miles (round trip), to cheap to throw away the cost of a pack of cigarettes, after taking just one...and well, I threw a way  all lighters 5 years.ago, so having to find someone to becable to light the one I took.out of the pack...politely No...

I can honestly say I just won't do all that. 

Was my self promise crazy? Yes, however it makes me stop and think about how much DO I  want to smoke.

I find that I don't really want to, I  no longer  have a wild urge to have one.

So 5 years. Has not been a easy journey...but one that has been worth it.

I am a non smoker. I hope all of you change your mindset and stay a non smoker

Quitting what ever.way, with whatever helpful.items, patches, gum, lozenges,  support systems, a trip worth taking.