Good morning

Blog Post created by Lady86 on Sep 21, 2017

Hello EXers. With tomorrow being my 6 month anniversary being smoke free I thought I'd share some thoughts about it. I think about smoking less which is awesome.  Only sometimes does a cigarette smell good on the wind. More often than not it smells bad. I feel guilty some days because I know if I had even one puff I'd be right back to it!! 6 months is great but it doesn't erase all the years I did smoke. My friends and my boyfriend all smoke so I am even more proud of myself and protect my quit more fiercely just like I did in the beginning. It's been hard I won't sugar coat it for anyone but it's worth it in so so many ways. It's like a toxic friend, you think you miss them you think you want to be with them but you remember they did absolutely nothing for you. Be strong and be vigilant. This was an addiction therefore it will always be tricky to maintain it but you must keep going forward and further away from the addiction. I'd love to hear how it was for other people and what they did to stay strong. Onward to freedom,