Just for today!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on May 9, 2020

Mother's Day coming up tomorrow.  I am so fortunate to be the Mom of two loving daughters, and a wonderful Mom who is 90 years old.  Tomorrow I will be alone as my oldest daughter is working the night shift.  She is a Mom too, and my grandson at age 17 years old is giving her plenty of grief, with drugs and failing his year at school.  I was not a perfect Mom, neither was mine, and neither are my daughters.  I was always drugged up with pyhch medications back when they were growing up, and I did a ton of therapy.  I was lucky, because I loved my girls, and gave them good moral values, they are both hard working, and both have very kind hearts. I always feel so bad on Mother's Day each year, that I couldn't be more, and do more, but somehow I held this family together in spite of mental illness and also worked part-time when I could.  Also Brian's and my what would be 46th anniversary is on Monday.  I won't be sad tho, we had 43 years together.  I wasn't the perfect wife either.  So just for today, I give Kudos to all those Mom's who did the very best that they could under their circumstances.  Just for today, I won't smoke!!  I am still a work in progress even at 65 years old.  I am grateful for my family, and all the Mom's.  Furbaby Mom's and to those who have lost theirs and still have theirs.

Ok, well, it's been awhile since I blogged.  Things here in Manitoba are good, not that many cases or new cases.

My folks are coming over tonight for dinner, and we will social distance at my house.  I love EX and all the support here.

Love you guys, I'm not perfect, but I want the perfect quit.

Keep on striving everyone!!  Each day is a blessing!!