Newbie here...

Blog Post created by CarolinaGal on Jan 28, 2018

I just joined yesterday but have been reading this site for a few weeks. This is wonderful place!


A little background. I'm 59 and have smoked since I was 19. The only times I quit smoking was during pregnancy.


Went to the dr. for a swollen area on my face (turned out to be an allergic reaction) and he asked if I wanted to quit smoking. I said "heck, I ALWAYS want to quit". He had me go see the Wellness director and she explained the different options, talked about the quitting process, and about taking Chantix or Wellbutrin. Long story short, I decided on Wellbutrin and started taking it last Monday.  Side effects like dry mouth, decreased appetite and insomnia have occured but haven't been too bad. 


Tomorrow (1/29) is my quit date and I'm pretty nervous about it. The Wellbutrin seems to be working pretty well as far as the cravings. 


I told a lot of people at work that I may not be my normal cheerful self at work tomorrow and to give me a wide berth LOL. 


I've read most of Allen Carr's book and find it very helpful. I disagree with a part of what he says but all-in-all he nails it. 


Thanks in advance to everyone for being here!