Blog Post created by BarryNPenn on Dec 27, 2018

I haven't even begun this journey and already I am receiving, what I perceive, negativity.  In MY attempt to quit smoking, I plan on utilizing NRT.  Patches, to be exact.  I also have some nicotine gum to help with cravings.  Instead of hearing, "good luck" or other such encouragment, I am being dragged for flith because I am "exchanging one form of nicotine for another."  That is NOT quite the response I was expecting.  I have tried to quit smoking before...many times.  "Cold Turkey" simply doesn't work for ME.  If it did, I would have quit smoking 37 years ago.


Then there are naysayers who are throwing shade because I am a medical marijuana patient.  In my honest opinion, being a MMJ patient and having MMJ at my disposal will HELP in my attempt to quit smoking cigarettes.  THC is NOT nicotine and nicotine is NOT THC.


So, I am pretty frustrated at the moment.  If I wanted (or needed) this kind of judgement, I would still be religious.  But after being indoctrinated into religion at BIRTH, I managed to quit THAT.  I had THAT as a 'crutch' MUCH longer than cigarettes.  I can do this and I WILL do this...MY way.  #EndRant