What comes next?

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Apr 26, 2018

My quit stats on EX tell me I'm at exactly 4 months now.  It doesn't quite square up with number of days (122) but close enough.  It's just a calendar.  BUT...


What comes after No Man's Land?  Or does NML kind of slowly transition, fade away so to speak, and meld into the eventuality of the 6% who make it to a year?


I'm only being a tiny bit serious because I know full well that the numbers aren't as important as the attitudes.  In reality, the important things are those moments of awareness of how precious our lives are.


*Taking a beautiful deep breath of fresh air*

*Taking in the sweetness of Spring scents*

*Swinging your arms, hands open, walking briskly*

*Holding a baby, being in that moment completely*


What comes next?  Whatever I want.