Blog Post created by stAn3 on Jul 30, 2019

It has been a year since I smoked. My goal is to get another 24 hours smoke free. It was a goal I had to get a year. I haven’t gotten a year in over a decade. But now that I’m here, it is not a huge milestone. I’m still a nicotine addict. I stay smoke free one day at a time. I don’t crave cigarettes much anymore but sometimes I still get the impulse. Having relapsed several times in the past I know complacency is dangerous. I can get a whim to smoke after a long time not smoking. I will give into that whim if I am not vigilant. So, my goal today is one more 24 hours without smoking. I still have some major triggers coming up (moving, new job, school) so I am staying in guard for my disease to tell me to smoke.