Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Aug 8, 2019

I had what I believe is my last surgery today - two trigger fingers on my left hand. I had the right hand repaired a good while back. This is a very good thing as trigger fingers are a pain in the arse.


No more waking up at night with pain. No more fingers getting stuck in position. And so on.


The best part beyond the repair itself was when the anesthesiologist asked if I smoked and I was able to say no. I felt like a billion bucks when I was able to answer that way! For that, I thank a lot of you here. 


The worst part today was before the surgery when I had to step on the scale. LOL I have officially gained 20 pounds with my quit. That was my outside allowable goal and so now it's time to put that chit back in order too. 


I wear these bandages until Monday, see the hand therapist that day, and get back to the pool a couple days after that. Progress!


Tonight, pain meds. Tomorrow, the world.



Day 234