(:Good Monday Morning:)

Blog Post created by MarilynH on May 6, 2019

My hubby Mark has been sick with a cold bug all wk end and he's still feeling pretty Crappy so he's not going to work today unfortunately I believe he passed the bug onto me ugh! Mason's Dad has today off so he can go home after school so that's good hopefully I'll feel a little better tomorrow and Mark too of course BUT hey at least I won't be trying to suck on a damned Cancer Stick hacking, coughing, choking and nearly horking up a lung or possibly even both because I think I need that fix whew not anymore because thankfully I don't do that ANYMORE thank goodness because I know I did no matter how sick I was and I'm sure pretty much all of you did too BUT if we all stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance we'll never ever do it again because we just don't smoke anymore .......