** One Month (and 2 days) Quit **

Blog Post created by 2befreeforlife on Feb 28, 2019

I missed my one month mark because I wasn't really thinking about it!! But wanted to share my accomplishment with the group.  I was just reading a post from a person that was 5 days in and really, really struggling.  I read the responses to him and they were so great....smoking is NOT an option is definitely one of my mantras.  Also, asking this person to remember a time when he was laid up because of a broken bone or sprain and think of quitting smoking in those same terms.  It will get better and you have to go through the healing process!  Exactly!!  


Anyhow, I have been having a much easier time of it this past week...not thinking of it as much and not substituting food for cigarettes as often.  I have gained about 5 pounds (but started out a bit on the porky side).  That drive home from work still gets me!  What is that about??  It passes quickly so I am not worried about it.  The other thing is boredom....did I spend that much time smoking??  I can examine these things and wonder why this and how about that without thinking I want to smoke....it is not an option.  I am so very happy to be a non-smoker.  Still get a kick out of my clean car.  I've been working a lot with my co-worker this week and haven't had to worry about her smelling me.  I do like to look at the list of positives that happen when you quit smoking....that is encouraging to me.  Kind of bummed that the food cravings may continue for another month or two.  My next goal after I'm sure I won't jeopardize my quit is to get in shape.  The goal I made last year when I turned 59 was that I would quit smoking and get in shape before my 60th in June.  On my way...may not make the being in shape by then but plan to be working towards it by then.  Where is the website for dealing with aging??!!


Thanks to everyone for the support...month 2 in process!!