Changed my mind

Blog Post created by Jeanmarc19561 on Feb 16, 2019

I've been thinking about NRT's. I've never used them in the past because like Alan Carr I thought fighting a nicotine addiction with nicotine did not make sense. This time however, I am pulling out all the stops to quit and using a patch (21mg) as well as the occasional gum. It is definitely helping because I experimented and went without for a day and noticed the difference. The patch does take the edge off. So what about the nicotine addiction itself? Isn't that our biggest enemy? My thoughts are now this on day 16. Yes and no. Yes it was nicotine that brought us to the point where we are at now but there is, I believe, something else that demands more of our attention. My understanding is that anywhere from 72 hrs. to 3 months the chemical part of the addiction is gone. From pervious attempts I'd say this is accurate. The insidious enemy is association of a smoke and and an action or non action. So I started smoking regularly at 15 and I am now 62. Every single day I'd light up in any and all circumstances. Thats a lot of years and a lot of associations, i.e. triggers. Even in the short span I've not smoked I'm already experiencing moments when I realized I did not think of a smoke when I normally would have. Few and far between but there none the less. Now I read here that only 6% make it a full year. So here is why I've changed my mind about NRT's. It won't take long for the physical part of quitting to completed but the psychological aspect takes much longer for obvious reasons. We've smoked a long time. So a years time seems a realistic time frame for that. So for me, the patch is a benefit and worth whatever discomfort I my feel when I stop using them. This is not an endorsement for everyone but for those who find it helpful, don't feel guilty or "less strong" Whatever works! Have a great day everyone and stay focused!