Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on May 13, 2017

JustSharon just reminded me that I haven’t done an update on my wife as of late. Things are going pretty much as expected, and since we expected nothing but improvement, that’s a really good thing.


We’ve started the therapy. Some very mild motions for now. Baby steps all the way, it seems. We both really like the physical therapist, who cares a lot about not overdoing or causing any more pain than necessary.


We’ve gotten into a routine, now that I’ve learned what she needs most. Her pain subsides more and more every day and her incisions look like they’re healing perfectly. Other than still not getting much sleep (though a little more than we were), things are going well. We’ve always been a great team together and that shows now, as we work together for her recovery.


Speaking of which, I’ve got to go be her hands and arms. We’re baking some bread to make pizza sticks. Have a wonderful day and happy mother’s day to all you mothers!