Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on May 3, 2017

Hey all! Thought I’d update the latest with my wife. As we finish our first week, we’ve found it to be a week of firsts, and now that we’ve learned how to do what is necessary and learned what she can and cannot do with one arm, it’ll simply become our new routine.


Her pain has subsided to the point that she no longer takes the pain pills, though there is still some pain. But, that’s just the way she is. She doesn’t like the other effects of pain pills and as such, she won’t take them unless the pain is extreme.


I’ve learned so many new things along the way. How to cook a meatloaf. How to write a check. How to wash her hair, how to braid her hair and the list goes on and on! Makes one realize what a team we are! Tomorrow will be her first visit to the surgeon. I think the plan is to remove the staples and put in dissolvable ones in their place if needed. She may need a pain pill after all that!


We’re hoping the repair has gone well and that the surgeon will get her set up with the therapy that will be in her future for several months. She’s anxious to move on to the next step, even though she knows it’ll probably be painful at first.


I keep playing the balancing act between holding her back on some things while allowing her to learn how to do the things she thinks she can with one arm. I keep telling her that her job is to heal. That it may be a boring job, because it all happens inside but it’s a very important job nonetheless!


Still having a hard time sleeping, but all in all her spirits are up and in fact, I’ll probably take her with me when I get off work and run the errands today. She really wants to get outside for a bit! I can’t blame her. It’s been just cold enough here that we can’t open the windows, though that is going to change for the next few days.


Anyway, have a wonderful smoke free day and be sure to keep your eyes on the prize of freedom! It’s just waiting for you so long as you stay on the path!!