About Me!!!!!

Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Feb 20, 2017

 i joined the EX back in August 2016, and started my  smoke free days September 17 2016. When i started i felt scared and worried and glad and all kinds of feelings but the biggest thing was i was going to Quit that old stinky habit and live again smoke free.... i say again because i tried to quit smoking a couple times many many years ago. Maybe 2 or 3 times never got past i bet the 1st week. How much did i smoke a lot i never thought i did at the time but but now looking back i smoked way to much.... and Yuk how could i smoke them stinking things....anyways getting started on my Quit date...Thanks to the elders and all the ones that helped me along. Day by day some easy days some hard but i was going to do this this time no matter what...because i had to from my DR orders do to some Health issues, i have my Grand children to think about and i want to be around a long long time for my Children and Grandchildren. Right now i 'm living here with my sister it helps living here right now because she quit smoking to. So we do not a low any smoking in the house which helps a lot. I keep coming back to the EX and reading and reading and reading everything i can. i still get the urge to smoke here and there but i know i can't because its not a option. NOPE .  Some of you asked me to tell you a little about myself so hope i told you enough oh and my Name is VIOLET you all can call me that. and just ask if you want to know anything else...