A better day

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 16, 2015

Health is improving daily. I went out and walked, with my oxygen tank, for 5 min or so last evening. Around the sm. apartment complex I live in anyway. That is what the physical therapist wants me to do 2x/day. She also increased my exercizes. So watch out world, here comes nonsmoking Connie.

I talked to Scott last night about me moving out. He was so upset he stayed home from work. He said he would do anything he has to do so I won't leave. I've heard this from alcoholics before (including him) but I am very sincere with this now. I have been dealing with alcoholics since the day I was born (I admit I am one) but I'm not living my last yrs.. with alcohol. I also told him that as soon as I am able to, I will go back to AA meetings. I'm so sick of this lonliness and isolation.

Cigarettes almost seem a thing of the past. Almost. I know not to let my guard up. Stay prepared at all times. I am aware though that for me, to smoke is to die rapidly.

Love to all,