Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Oct 3, 2014

Our fears are more numerous than our dangers,
and we suffer more in our imagination than in reality.

I was so afraid to quit! I was afraid that I would miss my constant companion. I was afraid that I would never "get" to smoke again! I was afraid that I would "try" and fail! I was afraid that I would become one of those EX - smokers who hate anything closely related to tobacco!!!!


HA! The whole time I was afraid of all the wrong things! I SHOULD HAVE been afraid of Smoking Related Illness! But you know what? It never really crossed my mind ......until! Yep! Too late! Now I have the BIG Smoke Related Illness - COPD!


What did I imagine a quit would look like? Well, I thought that I would have that skin crawlly feeling forever! I thought that I'd always wish I had a Sickerette! I thought that I would have to be Super-Human depriving myself the one kick-back relax my-time activity I allowed myself to indulge in!


Little did I know that I was about to embark on the most Spiritually Expansive, Personally Maturing, Physically Renewing journey of self-exploration that I could ever imagine! Oh, how I wish I had known before I got sick! But I'm GRATEFUL every day for this journey! And YES, I'm PROUD to be one of those EXers who HATES the ENEMY! Now I kick back and relax naturally - not because I NEED MY FIX! But because I'M ADDICTION FREE!


So NEWBIE! Will you change? ABSOLUTELY - you will discover the NEW YOU - so much better than you could ever imagine! There's only one rule: keep those Sickerettes away from your face! All the rest will happen naturally!