Now What?

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Mar 15, 2014

Relapse happens – a lot! It’s not an indication of Failure – it’s an indication of lack of sufficient KNOWLEDGE! Knowledge is POWER! Actually without knowledge no device can make much of a difference!

 Unless you have an understanding of Nicotine Addiction and Recovery you are walking into a blind alley! A recent study showed that the part of your Brain that makes decisions about your behavior is literally short circuited by withdrawal. If you don’t know that how can you do anything about it? You can’t just say “Brain – talk to yourself!”  IT CAN’T!

So are you powerless to make a difference?

NO! We have the formula for success right here at EX. Many members spend countless hours telling you over and over and over again….


Now if you’ve already read all that stuff before then what’s the point? You are literally communicating with those parts of your Brain that can’t hear each other – that’s why!


And PARTICIPATE! The Easy Way by Allen Carr is useful but it’s not personally responsive. WE ARE! Right here 24/7 you can talk to folks in all stages of the process of quitting. We can relate to your struggles, be they withdrawal, NML, long term, etc… because we’ve been there!

Nobody can make you quit! Only YOU can do that! And WILLPOWER Can Never Work! It simply doesn’t get the job done!

So you can keep doing what you’ve been doing – and most likely relapse again,…and again,…and again….

OR you can listen and learn from folks who have what you want!