Day 3 for Me!!!!

Blog Post created by Pops on Jul 12, 2020

Good evening EXers!  

I just got in from an all day ride through the countryside of Virginia today....Gorgeous landscapes.  Highway 55 (The John Marshall Highway) has some beautiful spots.  The trees are on both sides of the road and tower up so high...they actually come together in spots and completely cover you.  It's like you are riding through a tunnel.  The coolness of the shade is a welcome change from the heat that is beating down otherwise.  The ride was great, and I didn't jones one minute for a smoke while I was out...I was too busy taking in God's handiwork....We got caught in a deluge just a few miles from home though...I mean it was a real "Toad Strangler"!  Rain was coming down in sheets and blowing sideways.  I had to pull over and find shelter.  Heck, I couldn't see anything when it was pouring like that.  Anyway, we all made it home safely, nobody hurt & no bikes broke down.  That is a successful ride then.

Woo Hoo for Day 3 for Pops!!!!!!!!!

Three crusty old Road Toads....

This is my bike lit up @ night...I call is "Ghost Rider, version 2020"


Have a great smokefree evening!!!!!!!!! Pops w/3 DOF....Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!1