Good Morning....

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Nov 12, 2017

I am thankful for another day that I've been blessed to wake up to plus we're picking up  our 13 yr old  grandson Adam  this morning and we will get to see our 15 yr old step granddaughter Emma too and our 8 yr old grandson Mason, Emma's half brother is coming this afternoon to spend the night and with no school tomorrow it will be great. Life is good even on bad days because it sure beats the alternative all to pieces, since quitting well over three yrs ago I can normally start functioning on a few sips of coffee instead of four or five cups and five or six cigarettes it is great so quit if you haven't already and if you are struggling please keep moving forward because it will get easier with more time under your belt but you must stick with your quit so hang on tight because N.O.P.E. and Vigilance works on a daily basis. I do remember my roller coaster ups and downs of mood swings and the horrid craves that seemed to come out of nowhere so I pray that I'll - N.E.F. - Never Ever Forget  - the early days and wks of quitting smoking because I'm never going back to Day ONE all of us EXERS need to keep stacking up our PRECIOUS DAYS WON! There's definetly life after cigarettes so hold on tight and don't let go until you come out the other side smiling.  I've been a happy quitter for a long, long time now and it is super fantastic.