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Mentor: definition- a wise and trusted counselor. I can say it freely without hesitation because she is and has been my mentor and role model on my quitting smoking journey.  I am EXtremely proud to highlight this Elder today.  She is the prime example of someone I would like to aspire to be as an Elder. This wise Elder is the calm before and after the storm.  Her words of wisdom are seldom misunderstood for they are seasoned with understanding and Christlike humility.  She shows genuine care and respect for others.  When she speaks we should all listen, not only to her words but her delivery of unbiased wisdom laced with love from the heart.  Her approach to Eldership, even to those who have relapsed is nonjudgemental with unconditional support.  Her background as a nurse speaks to you directly with concern for good health and mental well-being. "She is not a complainer". 

I am very proud to highlight Barbara145  and by the power invested in me as the author of The Wise Elder Series,

I induct Barbara145  with the Quit Date of October 11, 2013, into This Wise Elders Series, "Hall of Fame".  Please take your place, Ms. Barbara, you have earned it.  I love you, we love you, God loves, continue to keep peace, love, and hope alive. 




Here are few of her blogs .

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