I Could Have Never Imagined

Blog Post created by Barbara145 on May 12, 2018

Often people wonder, "What will my life look like after I quit smoking.?"  Well after 52 years of smoking and 4 1/2 years quit and I am 71 years old, it is amazing.  I could not wake up until about 1 pm when I was smoking. I think I was constantly o.d'd on nicotine and carbon monoxide.  I was just out walking my dog at 8 a.m. on a beautiful morning in Virginia. I was on a continuous incline and then it steepened. I decided to sprint up the rest.  My dog loved it and I did too. You see I was in ICU about two years ago for "Respiratory Failure".  I was sent home on a bunch of meds and oxygen.  I was told to go to Duke and get a lung transplant by a Pulmonologist from Cleveland Clinic.  I never went to Duke.  Fast forward 2 years, very few meds and no oxygen and an active life. God is good. I am so into self care.  I eat a well balanced diet with lots of fruit and protein, I take a lot of supplements and sleep well. Life is good.  I walk everyday and do yoga once a week with a yoga class. Life is sweet for this retired nurse.  As you can guess I believe quitting smoking is worth the effort.   Try it and see.  You will not be disappointed.