I Will Be

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 24, 2016

~~I think I'll just be happy today.~~  Unknown

I think I'll look out my window at work and watch the leaves blowing in the breeze.  I think I'll listen to the people around me without judgment.  I think I won't re-live the past, I won't worry about the future.  I think I will be in the here and now. 

I do like happy.  I do like enjoying the moment.  I do like when my heart dances in my chest instead of falling at my feet. 

I will not feel overwhelmed by the week.  I will not feel defeated by others.  I will not take on their pains, their problems, their stress.  I will respect them enough to let them handle it.  I will respect myself enough to step away from what doesn't serve me or make me stronger.

I will breathe the fresh air.  I will honor my health, my heart, and my quit.  I will take the best possible care of me because I am the only one who can.  And I like that.

I will hope that the world will be happy as well but I won't wonder if it is.  I will allow it to be as it wants to be.  And I will look out my window, watching the leaves blow in the breeze.  And I will be happy today.