I Had This Day

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 9, 2016

~~Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.~~  Mark Twain

I wake up each day with a sense of excited anticipation.  What wonderful thing will pop up in my life???  What joyous thing will happen?  Every morning is new, fresh, and filled with endless possibilities for wonder and amazement.

It's a glorious feeling!!  So I start the day happy, each and every day.  By most evenings, some of that anticipation has grown to delight, contentment, or even sheer, marvelous joy.  Other evenings are not so lovely.  Family issues, abused children, personal loss....they can weigh heavy on me.

But I go to bed each evening grateful.  I had this day.  I had my health, my sight, my voice.  I saw nature, loved ones, and beauty.  I felt emotions.  I had food.  I am loved.  So while the day may have been less than perfect, I had the day.  And I am grateful.

When I was a smoker, smoking thoughts happened from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed.  I still had good days.....if I could smoke when I needed to.  I was still grateful...as long as I wasn't stressed about not having a pack or not having a lighter or having the time to sneak outside and smoke.

I am grateful.  The world has opened up for me in new ways since I quit.  And I wake knowing that this day could be the most beautiful day of my life.  And I give it a chance.  And watch it unfold with grace and humor and blessings. 

And on those days that turn out not to brimming with happy and joy and amazement, I am grateful.  That seems to be enough to make that day, too, one of my best.  Because I am here.  I had the day.  And the world...my world....is good enough.

I hope you have those most beautiful days.  I hope you enjoy those glorious feelings of anticipation, happy, and joy.  And when you have days less than beautiful, I hope you remember to feel grateful.  You are here.  You are loved.  And you this is your day.  To enjoy.  To anticipate lovely moments.  To live. 

Hugs to all of my friends here.  Hugs to those looking to quit.  Hugs to all who help.  Sheri