From the Heart

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 4, 2016

~~Don't take mirrors too seriously.  Your true reflection is in your heart.~~  Unknown

I am not often at a loss for words, but today they just won't come easily.  How do you say thank you to those who have helped save your life?  How do you explain that the words someone wrote, the feelings someone expressed, the laughter someone shared, truly helped heal you?

I do believe that our true reflection is in our hearts.  And what loveliness I see here!  What grace and honesty and truth....courage, wisdom, and compassion.  While I can't see it in your eyes, I feel it in your words.  While I can't see it in your smile, I feel it in your support. 

To say 'thank you' is so not good enough.  To say 'I appreciate you' is so not enough.  I lost myself in the terrible world of nicotine addiction and I found myself in the magical world of the EX site.  Through those who had been there.  Through those who have lost, who have healed, who have understood.

The patience it takes to be here helping is unimaginable.  Over and over I saw patience, humor, kindness.  I felt compassion, understanding, empathy.

I had to find my forever quit on my own.  We all do.  But the knowledge I gained here, the friendships I made, the support I got bridged that gap between "Can I do this?" and "I can do this!".

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Thank you, Tommy and Sootie and Dale and Guilia.  Thank you Thomas and Marilyn and Diane Joy and Aztec.  Thank you, Nancy.  Thank you Kathy, Kathy, Bonnie, and Jackie.  Thank you Shawn and Teresa and Wendy and Linda.  Thank you Donna and Ellen and Trudy and Terrie.  BeeJay, you are priceless!  And thank you to all of you here who stay, who help, who support, who listen.

Forget about the mirror.  Your true beauty shines from your hearts and reflects here.....I see it every day.  All my love to  all of you, Sheri

ps.-Please don't feel bad if I didn't mention you by name.  I didn't name everyone because it would have taken up too much space on Ex :)  I know you by name and I hope you know I appreciate you!!  Daisy, wherever you are, much love always!!