I Dance

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 21, 2015

~~Happiness is your invisible dance partner.  Take it by the hand and dance.~~  Unknown


When I quit, I used to wish for the days to fly by.  I wanted to be up there with the "big boys".  1000+ days, 800+ days, just any number bigger than the one I was on.

But then icky things happened in the world and it reminded me to savor each and every moment.  Seriously.  My now 900 days are gone and I won't ever get them back.  Thank goodness I can look back with happiness and say that I made the most of them.  I savored my quit, I celebrated whenever I felt like it, I revelled in not smoking. 

While we don't always get good days, the not so good ones simply remind me to be thankful for the better ones.  While we don't get a pass on ugly times or stressful struggles, I know that just as good days due, those bad times will pass whether I struggle through them or accept them.  I'd rather accept as struggling depletes my dancing energy :-)

So, 900 days of mostly dancing!!  900 days of satisfaction because good days or bad, I got through them. 

I don't usually do advice because there are so many people here so much better at it than me.  But......get tickled by your quit!!  Be delighted that you did it!!  Because when you reach 900+ days, you can look back with glee and joy and satisfaction.  You did it!!  Savor each smoke free day.  Revel in your quit.  And when life knocks you to your knees....know it won't last.  You are so very much more than what happens to you. 

Be tickled by your quit.  It's really quite delightful!  I could go on and on but why not find out for yourself?!  Much love to all who have been here for me......you know who you are.  900 and counting, Sheri