What You Are

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 6, 2015

~~In case you've forgotten, you are not the size of your pants.  Or the hair on your head.  Or your title at work.  You're not what somebody else expects you to be, or the sum of your failures, or the secrets you don't even dare whisper.  Nope.  What you are is grit.  And purpose.  And an unstoppable, uncrushable soul that won't be hardened or flattened or ignored-no matter what this world spits at you.  You are hear to be seen, and to live in joy.~~ Becky Vollmer

You are really so much more than the world sees you as!!  And definitely so much morre powerful than you ever dreamed of!!  So don't allow a little cigarette to make you feel powerless.  Don't allow nicotine to steal your joy.  And don't allow cravings to spit at you.

I read somewhere (yes, I am always reading!) "Be the love you never recieved".  Truly, people, you can be.  Take good care of you.  Of your health.  Of your spirit.  Of you.  Once you realize that you can, you allow yourself to shine a little brighter each day.  You feel a bit more balanced.  And you gain confidence in yourself.  How lovely is that?!!

Don't quit quitting.  Don't give up on yourself.  And know, really know, that deep down inside, you deserve so much more than you get when you smoke.  You deserve the time and the money and the health that cigarettes rob you of. 

I hope each one of you has a beautiful weekend!!  Get to know yourself.  Get to know your world.  And simply live it!!  Sheri