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Good morning Exer's!! I hope this day finds you well and as calm as life will let you be. I was just thinking about the fact that just like you, I too once had to start a journey that was both fascinating and terrifying. It was and still is a journey that means so much to so many. It's a journey that at the beginning seemed like an impossible obstacle and yet so many of us have achieved the amazing freedom that is at the end of the journey; the top of the mountain; the days of health and peace.

I went back to some of my older posts to reflect on the journey for now I feel safe enough in my quit to actually look back. I read my first blog that I posted here. That was indeed a blast form the past or perhaps even another life. Definitely a different lifestyle. It reminded me of all those jumbled thoughts that we face at first. It helped me to remember how scary a quit can be at first. The doubt that one feels when thinking of quitting. We see so much as negative on those days even though what we're going through is a positive thing. Rather then bore you with the actual text, I've provided links to those posts that reflect many of the things we must go through in case anyone wants to read the actual posts.

Anyway, the next one I looked at was the description of my first day quit. It reminded me of that first morning that we all must face. How I knew I was forgetting something and realized that my mind didn't want me to leave without the cigarettes. After all, I'd been chained to them for so long that it was hard to see my way out the door without them. I discovered that as it is for most of us, that first day wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think this is because we set ourselves up for a horrible day and our minds create all kinds of screaming scenario's. Thankfully for me as may be the case for many others those scenario's were unfounded.

I found that at the one month mark, I was still feeling those urges fairly strongly though the resolve to continue was always there. I reminded myself on those days that today is not how it will always be. No, one day I really will reach that summit. One day I will feel the calm that awaits us all. One day I will come to the realization that all of this was worth it!

From there I walked into no man's land. At that time I spoke of the phantom craves. The ones that can sneak up on us out of nowhere and in some cases even derail a quit. I even mentioned a moment when I knew I was going to crave, simply because it was one of those life situations that bring those craves about. Understanding is indeed a key to all of these situations that we must face on the journey.

Next I wandered into my one year anniversary. I of course wrote a long passage. But the one thing I really noticed was how much calmer I seemed to be feeling. How confident I was in my ability to fend off any of those urges and craves. And the fact that there really is a kind of peace as we learn our new lives without cigarettes.

And then of course I had to review my two year mark. A lot of what is there is a lot of what I share with you now.

My point is that a little over 900 days ago, I was you. The one just starting out. I felt much of what your probably feeling right now. I wondered how long the journey might take before I could feel comfortable again. And on that first day of the quit, I was you. I was a little scared of losing my resolve and a bit confused over what was going to really happen next in my life.

And for those of you in no man's land, I was you! I too had to walk through that treacherous place and work my way to the other side. What a place it was! But just as I did, we can all navigate through by taking just a little care and keeping our guard up!

Quitting is indeed a journey. One that many have walked and one that many more will walk successfully. I wish you success where ever you are in the journey and look forward to the day that you are me as I am right now!! Free my friends! So very free!!!



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