Day 32

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 25, 2011

Well, made that month mark. I guess in a way this is another milestone on the road to freedom. Another day to celebrate internally. Another day to protect that which has already been achieved in order to continue on the path that must be trodden in order to be truly free.

My inner child has continued to throw little temper tantrums and I continue to teach myself that this will not always be the way it is. No, in the end there will be a kind of inner peace. A feeling of accomplishment that may only be understood by fellow addicts, for to think of walking this path is a lot different then actually walking it.

But take heart for the path though filled with constant twists and turns of the mind is still a path to freedom. It’s a path that must be walked if we care even a little about our futures. It’s a journey of the mind in reality.

In order to win we must not only have a deep understanding of our inner selves but we must also know how to combat the little things that life throws at us. We must never be tempted when our emotions try to take away our resolve to finish the journey.

And so I walk solidly into the future of my journey, confident that in the end I will become a master of myself. That I will see my addiction for what it really is and still follow that path to freedom. To that future free of the chains of addiction for if being an addict is what I really wanted then I never would have started this journey in the first place.

And as I continue to walk the path, my resolve will only strengthen. My belief in myself will only increase for this is no path that can be walked when in doubt of oneself. It’s a path that cannot be walked without a kind of inner strength and resolve that no one can take from us.

It’s a path that I know I can finish for the battle is really with myself. And once we understand that all we’re really fighting is our own minds and memories, then there is no stopping us!

Now, on to a new day on the path to freedom . . .