Day 48

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Apr 11, 2011

Moving onward into the life of freedom. This is something that we all long to achieve. That moment in life where the little spark of an idea becomes an entire life to us for a while. It has to be this way for you see, there can be nothing but determination and belief in ourselves when we quit. There can be nothing but a burning desire for freedom in our hearts when we take that first faltering step that we know will turn that little spark into the raging fire of success.

And so long as we faithfully travel the path that we chose to follow, there’s little that can get in our way. Really the only enemy as we continue on is ourselves. For some reason our internal addict has the ability to change our perception of life if we let it. It has the ability to take what we know is a wonderful achievement and turn it into something negative. Again if we let it.

But so long as we keep a wary eye on that part of ourselves that will try to make things look different then they really are and so long as we protect ourselves from this part of ourselves, we will in the end succeed.

It just takes a belief in the positive. It’s always there if we choose to see it. I find so many ways to see just the positive which in turn takes the wind from the sails of the negative addict within. When my addict begins it’s steady scream, I first choose to ignore this simply because it does no good. But when the addict within continues to scream, this is when I stop for a moment and tell myself that I’m allowing a negative influence into my life. I’m allowing a part of myself create a kind of disharmony within my life.

This is something that I can change and I know that. I do talk to my addict as if it was another person though I’m quite aware that it’s simply another part of myself. I tell it to quiet down for a moment. And yes, usually the addict will be quiet for that moment.

This is when I reach deep within myself and pull out the positive aspects of my quit. This is when I realize once again how wonderful a thing this really is. I’m saving my life and my health. I’m thinking now of my future instead of the drab picture that the addict within always tries to create for us. I’m seeing the banner of freedom that was momentarily hidden during my addicts temper tantrum. And once again I’m back on track, secure in the knowledge that though my addict may be with me, he will not get me. He will not win. The winning is for me.

The part of the brain that really longs for freedom. The part that tells my internal addict that his silly little tantrums do no good and as such are pretty much meaningless to me.

And so I continue along keeping my heart, mind and soul in the realm of the positive. Keeping my quit safe and actually enjoying life as me and my internal addict both struggle for freedom. We both really want that freedom. We just express it in different ways is all.

Onward to a new day of freedom!!