Day 3

Blog Post created by annie5 on Oct 18, 2008
Well, I am almost through with day 3 and it is very successfull, but I have cravings still, and my anxiety has increased. I am very tense and I am so hot all the time. I feel like I am pregnant! But that can't be, so I know it is the cravings. After this day I know it will be mental. Me thinking about cigarettes all the time. I talked to my aunt today and told her that I quit 3 days ago and she was so happy for me. She smokes and she asked me how I did it. Well, I told her that I just stopped and I have all these cravings really bad and anxiety and it is really hard. She says she wants to quit on new years. She just got all the teeth pulled on her bottom mouth and now she has an infection there, maybe because she smoked before it healed. I am trying really hard to quit, even though I have these symptoms. I love the way I feel (my lungs) and I don't have the smell from cigarette smoke. I can kiss my hubby all I want now and it doesn't bother him. I just hope I will be quit forever now and not pick one cigarette up again! I want to see my grandchildren grow up (my kids are young still, lol) and be there to grow old with my husband. Plus, I will have that extra money for other things! Gosh, this makes me so excited! Come on day 4!