Finding ME in Addiction Recovery

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 7, 2017
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Who am I really? What type of person lingers under that smoke cloud of Addiction? I feel so remote from my Values! I believe in Family and yet my Addiction came first! I believe in my Creator yet I willingly destroyed His Creation! I believe in myself yet I compromised, even lost, my identity to Sickerettes!


It's not enough to clarify my values - I need to connect with them on a regular basis. I need to know what's important in my heart and to remind myself often. And I need to make sure my goals are in line with those values. Doing this will provide me with motivation, inspiration, and meaning.


If you're remote from your values, it's all too easy to lose heart, give up, or get sidetracked. The more remote you are from your deepest values, the more your goals seem pointless, meaningless, or insignificant. Obviously, this doesn't do much for motivation.


The solution? Connect with your values. Write them down. Read them through and change them as required. Share them with someone you trust. Reread them on a regular basis First thing in the morning, mentally go over them. At thhe end of the week, take a few minutes to check in with yourself and ask:  "How true have I been to my values?"


Then commit to not be perfect, but to do your best to live by who you truy wish to become! The momentum will be in the right direction, even if you occassionally (and you will!) take a step or two backwards! Become the person you are meant to BE!


As for me, I'm a work in progress! But I will never quit giving it my BEST!