EXperimenting with the New EX

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jan 23, 2017
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Wow.  Look at all the changes!  Just experimenting here.  We can have numbered and bulleted lists.  Lets see what this does: 

My reasons to quit:


  1.   Because I'm no dummy and know that smoking is stupid and bad for my health.     
  2.   I will have better breath and not ashtray mouth.
  3.   I won't be shunned by those who don't smoke.
  4.   I'll save a whole heck of a lot of money.
  5.   I'll discover new strengths within myself.

Now let's see what the QUOTATION MARK button does....

If you've quit and are still smoking, you're doing it wrong!"  (Jonescarp)

And F for font family?  Look at this (comic sans), Impact, Terminal (none of us have to be terminal smokers!  Moving on to Arial.  Hmmmm, I wonder what the default font was now.  New times Roman?  Nope.  I wonder if there's a way to go back to the default.  I think I like it best.

And we can make words big!  and Bigger!  And biggest! and smaller if we want!!! 

Which means we won't have to go to a word processing program or an email program to do that!  Coo!

And if we have a nice poem

we want centered

we can do that too!

Hmm, but why did the line spacing end up being so wide?  Yet it turns out right when we post.  Probably due to the bigger font size. 

Chain Saw Mama

Look at that!!!!  We can upload our own pictures directly from our very own computers!!!!  Whooooo Hooooo.  That was

the monster I was working on yesterday.  This is too much fun!    And we get emoticons too!

Now onto text color how bout lime green?  RED.  Sky Blue in bold.  Plumb!  Oh my.  This experimenting is GREAT as a craving distraction, I would think!  Let us not forget orange.  But still the line spacing is HUGE!!  Waaaaa.

Still trying to go back to the original font.  Verdana?  Nope. 

Hey Youngatheart.7.4.12.  I'm going to give you a badge - just for the heck of it.  To see how THAT function works.  Ooops, now I don't see how.  Guess I'll have to do another at Youngatheart.7.4.12 Nice Work   That's for all the Wednesday blogs you've posted over the years to keep keep members from making stupid drinking mistakes!

Wow.  Me likeee these new changes!  (And if this times out before I send it, I'll shoot myself in the head!  lol)

Hope others will join in experimentation.  That's the best way to learn after all!  Practice makes perfect.