Discussion created by sher on Aug 12, 2008
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Ok I smoked 2 cigarettes last night, I did it while I was dreaming so I think I'm ok , but does that mean I have to start all over again? LOL No but really I actually dreamed that I had 2 cigarettes, I bought them on the way to somewhere, and had 1 then smoked another one, like I never quit, right in front of my husband, and never thought about it. Then realized I stopped smoking and was questioning why am I smoking this, so put the pack of cigs in the drawer, and went to apologize to my husband and tell him I didn't even realize that I was smoking and I quit. Wow what a dream, and it made it harder for me today when I woke up. But it was funny I put the cigs in a drawer to kinda save them instead of throwing the pack away,,, I need a dream annalist.