How could a Music Healer be a smoker? That's one reason why...

Discussion created by aly2 on Aug 7, 2008
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Hey all~

Congrats and much love.

Of course all of the obvious reasons are part of why~ health, happiness, finance, ecology, self control... yes yes...

But my REAL reason is that I am a professional singer songwriter and I am starting grad school in a few weeks to become a Music Therapist. Not only have I damaged my ability to sing (yes, tragic, i sang WAAAAY better before I started) but I can't imagine lending my voice to help others heal when I am abusing myself.

SO there it is... and I am on day 11 (well, a little over 10.5 :) ) and by the time grad school starts it will be over a month. At last, I am taking control so that I can better serve:)

Thanks for listening and supporting! You are all awesome!!!