Struggle is real

Discussion created by Melysjim on Dec 27, 2020
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It has been a journey several times throughout the years of trying to quit smoking. I had a health scare that made me say this is enough, No more smoking. I now have told my children who come over to visit daily and yes smoke to not to give me a cigarette even if I beg for one. If you can't do that then just call me and talk to me on the phone. It so far has been good. Even Christmas with every one here not once did I go outside with them to smoke. Lord only knows I wanted to really bad. I just kept reminding myself of my scare and yes got my lozenge out. Which by the way comes in spearmint and cinnamon flavors. Cinnamon being my favorite just because the spearmint gives me the burps which I will continue to deal with as long as it helps me not smoke. The lozenges doesn't really help with the mood swings or agitation that comes on quickly and doesn't leave as quickly. So any suggestions there would be greatly appreciated.