What Kind of Person Are You?

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I admit it...I am a word girl.  They have such meaning for me and I get so thrilled when I read something that resonates with me   Let me share a few quotes with you that simply stunned me:


~~Worry is worshipping the problem.~~  Toby Mac


~~Underestimate me.  That'll be fun.~~  Unknown


~~If you don't believe in miracles, perhaps you've forgotten you are one.~~  Unknown


~~You are the only you that will ever be....you're kind of a big deal.~~ Jen Sincero


I understand that other people aren't as word loving as I am.  Some are more visual and get thrilled at seeing a sunset.  Some are music people (that's my second) and a good piece of music touches their soul.  Others are foodies...not in the sense of eating everything but rather finding their spirituality in hosting a dinner or creating a masterpiece meal.


But there is something in you that craves that special something.  You know, that gives your life purpose and meaning.  That is special maybe only to you but whatever it is, it makes you complete.  Joyful.  Calm.  


Please share if you understand what I'm talking about   It is so much easier to quit smoking when you can turn to something you love and it makes you feel better.  It makes you forget everything else when you're doing it.  


If you don't have it yet, find it!  Explore your likes and dislikes.  Your skills.  Your talents.  Those special things that make you, you   Because when you do, you'll turn to it time and time again rather than going back to smoking.  Because there is where the joy is.