Not usually a "joiner"....

Discussion created by annalovesbooks on Jul 24, 2008
But if I'm going to change things, maybe I ought to change MORE things. So here I am. Hi ALL! I've been messing around on the site for a few weeks, not making any plans, until today. Can't keep wiggling my toes in the water.

I don't normally identify myself with "mom" groups. I have one kid, he's 19 (had him before I got married, he's not my husband's) but I'd planned to have a dozen... maybe more, lol. The truth is, I'd happily keep smoking if it weren't for laws! I went through years of BS with my DH, trying to convince him that we'd never actually be able to look at the bank balance and say "NOW we can afford kids". I wouldn't complain but I told him, when I proposed, that children were the only reason to get married, IMO - since he refused to have them otherwise. Literally a month after I convinced him to look at the situation realistically, I was (mis-) diagnosed with cervical cancer. They yanked everything out, apologized when they found no cancer and sent me on my way.

Well. Adoption, it is. In a terrible economy, to boot. Lovely. The upside, if you want to call it that, is that there are requirements for adoption - and I can't do much about some of them, but quitting smoking I can do. Since kids are the reason I'm going to quit, I picked the MOM group to play with, seemed fitting.

And now that I've stopped in to say hello, I'm going back to reading. I've got a long way to go, just to reach "really want to quit", rather than "kinda have to quit", so I think reading, instead of posting, is a good choice. I'm hoping the power of positive thinking, et al, can be contagious, I guess. :-) So, ya know, cough in my direction or something!