Quit Cigs 5 years ago, and a week into quitting vaping after very HIGH use

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I figured I would jump in here with my story.  I was a pack a day cig smoker for 15 years, I quit 5 years ago using Chantix, and it worked great for me.  I didn't even finish the dosage, after day 6 of full dosage, I was done, didn't want a cig, was disgusted by them, never had another....

Fast forward, 6 months from then I start smoking E-Cigs.  For the last 5 years, I have used at least what would be equivalent to Juul POD/ day but a company called NJOY.  


This is my 3rd time trying to quit Vape, the first time, I tried to cut down and then decrease Nic level with other vaping products .... didn't work me.   Second time, I went cold turkey, almost lost my mind.... didn't work for me. 

Now, a week in, I started with the Patch for the first 5 days (21mg), and it has made it easier for me.  I also, have been using NRT pouches as a last resort.  My attitude has changed where I want this to be over with to go back to normal life ( have a drink with dinner) so I woke up Monday said no more patch.  I'm going to fight this thing head on, which has been easier with a week of under my belt to break the habit (hand to mouth, used to not having my vape).  The cravings are def tougher, but I'm holding strong with an occasional Nic pouch (3x a day).  


My lifestyle is normally healthy, eat great, exercise 5/6 times a week, I have been using Lemonhead candy to help with cravings and works well.  I also have been eating a lot more (Healthy stuff), but a big appetite this last week.


Feel free to ask questions, pump me up etc...Jump on the train.....lets go!