I Quit Smoking and Vaping

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jan 20, 2020

I've seen others talk about re-upping old blog posts, or "snooping" into old posts of elders on here, so here I am, too!


I wrote about my own quit journey  How to Quit JUUL (or vaping in general) 


There's some good tips in there, if I do say so myself , but the basics are these:


I smoked for 40 + years. I used Juul to quit, which isn't recommended by experts these days, but it worked for me.

The reason it worked is that I decided ahead of time that I'd quit cigarettes when they ran out, and I'd quit Juul when the pods ran out.  I bought about a two-month supply of them when I had one carton of cigarettes in the house.


Once the cigarettes ran out, I got rid of all ashtrays in my house and car, plus all the lighters. Then cleaned everything.


Once the pods ran out, I threw out all the Juul equipment.


I absolutely FORBID myself to ever buy more. 


Fortunately, I tend to listen to myself. Good advice for anyone, I think.