Who I Am

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~~I like people who make me forget that I'm shy.~~  Unknown


We are all different...even us elders.  Some are excellent advice givers.  Others are impressive with quit smoking facts.  Some are cheerleaders who comment on every blog.  Even more are here daily...doling out a mixture of comfort, wisdom, and wonderful bits of humor to help you along.


It took me awhile before I figured out just what I was good at here.  It took time before I figured out what to avoid for my own peace of mind.  I'm shy by nature.  Hate drama now that I've found my peace.  Love listening.  Love my friends here.  


While you aren't going to find your quit here, I hope you find a friend.  Support.  Information you need.  A quit buddy.  A cheerleader.  But most of all, I hope you find....you.


The you who isn't chained to "I'll be right back, I just need a quick one..."  The you who isn't looking at the clock, hoping for the meeting to end so you can smoke.  The you who steps back from the dinner table only to step right outside for that after dinner smoke.


I found my place in life.  I found my place here.  I found that I am funnier, more talented, more grateful than I was as a smoker.  It wasn't just something I did...it was who I had become.  


So thanks to those who made me forget I was shy!  Thanks to those who brought out the best in me!  Thanks to those who challenged me, called me out, and never left my side!  Thank you for reminding me of just who I truly am.  


Quitting, to me, isn't simply putting cigarettes down and walking away.  It's finding out who you truly are.  That's the hardest part....healing those hurts that you tucked away behind your addicted brain.....trying new things that you were too scared to try so you smoked away instead....finding out you are more courageous than you ever thought possible....being curious...being adventurous....being you.


I come and go here quite often.  Sometimes because I get busy at life...sometimes because someone hurt my feelings....sometimes because I don't know what else to say.  It's just who I am.


Are you finding out who you are?  I'd like to know you