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Using Nicoderm Patch +

Question asked by Tdraym on Dec 21, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2020 by KellanC74

I am trying to quit smoking, started using 21 mg patch 12/18/19 , my problem is I have gone 2 days without a smoke, was smoking 2+ packs a day , with the patch I am also using the gum 4 mg and the mini mints 4 mg. I have a craving for a smoke very often , So chew nicorette gum 4 mg for an hour or more 1 1/2 hrs  maybe 20 -30 minutes later will take a mini lozenge 4 mg , also using hard candy in between some of the nicotine aids. So is this going to help or harm me with the 3 aids, to much nicotine to keep me from smoking 18 hrs a day, still need to break the craving, how long who knows ? Just want to be an EX smoker

Thanks Tdraym