11/27/19 Celebrations

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We challenge you to respond! Reply by Email or login and comment with your Days of Freedom. Let's show the world that we've overcome or will overcome and not let nicotine win. 


It appears that you've reached the milestones listed below based on the quit date that is appearing on the site. Please login and say hello!


Congrats on your progress if the date is correct. If it isn't, read below for directions on how to get your quit date updated! This is a judgment-free zone. It's important to quit and we're here for you!

Ida 4100 days!

finallyfreeat50 7 years!

kath9 2100 days!

sparky18971 2000 days!

meWisconsin 1900 days!

tonyawelch62  5 years!

rutlandvt and tprjunket 1800 days!

cpsono 4.5 years!

kelsmynme 1000 days!

Sisiy 800 days!

btyb309 Freedom44 jchristine711 lewiscadewis ROMULUS5 Sierraellis 2 years!

beccalynn35 700 days!

angiecc453 Robinmth rohandikshit 1.5 years!

arcrumbley christyd33 Ralph1955 500 days!

Kelly16 and Sdgroot 400 days!

kirkschultz missellen 1 year!

ArronJ donna.m dubiel14 ivan1220 Jenniferleea21 johnphelps m.stead Mgwoody mhedges2 Michelllynn1977 NancNW smurf9393 steveboyce6517 tracy.29 300 days!

Altalee cenglish188 Cjleaks63 jamie123 jmoss1997 Ladytrucker109 mponycar1966 mullins3723 Pamela455 Zanrunais 200 days!

chaley.jensen Cindy7904 craftymamaw Dustinzim husslemotivate iamafighter itzcrystal kevinsbabygirl mullinschancy mzclaudiva paulaobermeyer sjpierce89 6 months!

1969terrykelly candyjp colin1202 desinicole2 eee_jjj hydiyahharris kkay24 Laurenxo Mallee Mollybiscuit413 Nay-Nay42 NCvet normalopez8 Noye Ramirezman1962 Ratmom123 Shawn0376 stephanie.arzola 150 days!
Aginsky CollinsK92 Colorphyle Easy1057 em0713 ginny7124 ilovewill777 imarie24 jadanyg Jay2019 jgarner jt.plourde juliewarner1 katcarroll kristenmassey lloydcaldemeyer Maris0225 mbrmermaid99 Meesh41 Mikki08 mmshu MSKIKI69 OxfordComa Pmurphy7420 taylorhay16 rshinpock zanetalowe wrightga days! Welcome to the Triple Digit Quitters Club!

achiappa angel01madrid Bigebz1985 billybob476 cnajera Crazyattimes diana.konradt91 DKrier dmdp13 Dynami erin-simone idontneedalight jeffmundy JJett krspikes72 Lewb53 LydsD100 nybria44 Pjnaru reillymeagher Sammy838 sarahann11 srimal theresadlane tyler12213 50 days! This is the first of many celebrations for you. Please come back every time we celebrate you and confirm your quit date. Today, Start a Journal and reflect on those first 50.


Jenwysocki123 kosskatia Ladydieng marklfrench2002 mrsdjohnson44 npbennett PeacefulWarrior s.s.castiilo tramsey008 today is your quit day! Congrats, if anyone has quit today and for starting your journey with us as well. Be sure to journal your experiences today with a personal blog(← Click to get started) so you can look back on it and reflect where you started. Tag the post "TheDayIQuit". This way others can see what they can possibly expect as they start their quit journey. Before you know it, you'll be celebrating with people like those mentioned above. To see more Quit Journeys for days 1 thru 100 click the link.



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If I've gotten your quit date wrong, be sure to update it and then go through the steps to sync it to the community.


Please check your Community Profile to see if you've indicated how many cigarettes on average you smoked per day. Then go to the My Quit Stats tab in your profile to see how many cigarettes you have avoided or put the mouse over your username and then click the little "ex" button in the lower left of the hovercard pop-up.