Quit Journeys

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Feb 6, 2019

If you're new here, you may be wondering what people experienced each day as they went through their quit journey.


You can find someone's personal blog or their Content Tab on their profile and find out but if you want to know how unique every journey is you can look at some of the tags on the site. I encourage you to browse the site and read. Searching isn't bad either.


To start out, some people have journaled about thedayiquit or thedaybeforeiquit. Click to see tagged content to see some stories in first days of members' quit journeys.


What is a Tag? How do I use Tags? 


It gets better... From there some have journaled daily after they quit.

Days 30-130 are NML.


As you quit, I encourage you to journal and tag your posts so you add on to the collection of journeys that are recorded here. I challenge someone to journal their first 100 days after quitting.  If you're up to the challenge. Let me know and I'll ensure there are tags ready for your 100 days of quitting.


Congrats on making a wonderful decision!


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