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Two important questions

Question asked by Gma_Bernie on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Mark

Let me first apologize for not having been on this site much over the last year.

I am having trouble with two things. Responding to a message sent by a member to my email. Do I always assume that anything exchanged by email will be published on the site and is not private? Is there any way to private message someone? I did find the member directory and clicked on the person's name but it got hung up and never did load.


The second question is about member stats. I cannot find the part I filled out at the very beginning that automatically calculates the number of days you have not smoked. And the amount of money you have saved. Maybe after two years this shouldn't be such a big deal but it is for me.

I have not been on this site because I have been very negative. I have been feeling much better lately and would like to be a part of the community but I'm not familiar with how things work. Is there a tutorial?


Oh and one more thing. Can I change my username for this site so that people know my name, my first name.

Thank you Mark.

Bernie Sheats