First day. About me. Wish me luck offer advice

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Posting here instead of smoking. On day one 18 hrs although a lot of those hours I was sleeping. I smoked cigs when I was younger. I got sober from drugs alcohol but still smoked not a ton a stopped because I wanted to have kids. When my youngest was 1 my husband bought me a vape (that jerk lol). I have used that so much the past 3 year. I told myself i would only smoke it for one year and quit on my oldest birthday because i didn’t want him to remember it. I lasted 2 weeks. And started again. Every day i feel ****** because i know i don’t want to be doing it but it’s the only thing i have to take the edge off of life. I also am a yoga teacher for 15 years and hate how i have this bad habit. It’s time. I am tired of feeling crappy for doing this to myself. I teach a yoga retreat out of the country in less then 3 weeks and don’t want to be vaping. It was really helpful when I got sober 8 years ago to have a community so I am hoping having you all will help. My husband is not an addict at all he vaped with me these three years but not a ton and a few months ago said I think i am going to stop and just like that he was done. That’s not me. I get so addicted to things. This is my last real addiction. I want to live addiction free. I am starting with switching to nicotine gum 2mg.  Hoping that kind of curbs it. Thanks for being here. What day of stopping did you find the hardest?