1400 Days, Today

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I had blown a long quit of 2 1/2 years-ish,  went back to smoking like a fool for a few years(if you relapse DONT WAIT get right back at it)  or i never properly quit and fully changed my lifestyle and replaced the bad habit. I had quite a few failed quits after that lasted weeks to months and each time in the back of my head was i quit before i can do it again and when my nerves(anxiety) acted up I'd smoke. I was on QSMB and i was in the chat room there and found support, each time i had that nervous feeling i would jump on there and talk with my friends and they helped me over that hurdle. Still after( months after) the same situation, a straw helped but exercise especially walking was the missing ingredient. I had shared this with a childhood friend dave and he had battled addiction but some heavy addiction, when i told him about the walking trick he told me, you have a new habit and replaced the bad one. Move a muscle, change a thought... and 1400 days later    ..


Anyone reading this.. If i can do it, you can do it.


Each day that passes I'm the" fartherest" away from smoking that i have ever been.. I love the Lord of the rings, books and movies and sam  "If I take one more step, it will be the fartherest away from home I've ever been."



If I take one more step - YouTube