Looking for advice on helping my teen (19) quit Juuling and smoking pot

Discussion created by kadam on Aug 19, 2019
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So my son is 19. We knew he smoked Juul and pot, but we’re hoping he would  grow out of it..on the contrary, it has gotten worse; he went to college for one semester and decided not to go back.  (He is currently looking for a full time job). He has admitted he believes he is addicted and believes pot will be much easier to stop than nicotine.  We have gone to counseling, he did ADD testing, he says he is not depressed....we are willing to help in anyway we can. 


We we are thinking about sending him to a rehab for nicotine but don’t know if that’s a waste of time and money. We are struggling to find where to turn for JUUL/nicotine addiction. 


What advice,(if any) would u recommend for a 19 year old to go to end the habit??

Thx in advance!